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Our Mission

Bay Islands Reef Restoration is a nonprofit, non-governmental ocean conservation organization that seeks to:

  • Protect and restore Roatan’s coral reefs;
  • Educate local residents, tourist divers, and divemaster trainees about the importance of coral reefs and coral restoration; and
  • Collect scientifically-relevant data to promote research and management strategies that encourage coral health.

Due to multiple stressors, previously dominant reef-building corals throughout the Caribbean have declined dramatically. Bay Islands Reef Restoration is dedicated to creating offshore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species. We grow and maintain endangered coral species in offshore coral tree nurseries until they can be strategically outplanted on reefs to foster coral reef recovery.


We work with resorts, dive operations, conservation organizations, and the local and federal government to help restore threatened coral species on Roatan’s reefs, which are vital for Roatan’s economy and environment.

"I watched the coral reefs that I studied as a student vanish in the blink of an eye, and for decades I wrote and spoke of ocean obituaries. But big scary problems without solutions lead to apathy, not action."
- Nancy Knowlton