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Reef Restoration Adventure Dive

Take the plunge with us

Choose between different options for a whole new dive experience

The Reef Restoration Adventure Dive provides the opportunity to learn about and experience our coral restoration project in a less structured manner than during the PADI Bay Islands Distinctive Specialty Course.

You have the choice to dive to our nursery to help maintain and clean coral trees or participate in a survey dive to monitor the health and condition of our latest outplanted corals.

Your day start will start with a briefing about the project. We will talk with you about your dive experience and your preference for diving at the coral nursery or the outplant site, or both. We are very flexible to satisfy your interests and provide an appropriate introduction to coral restoration.

After the dive you will have the opportunity to talk about the questions you gathered during your adventure and how you can learn more to become an active advocate for marine conservation.

What is included:

  • Nitrox ($7.50/tank)
  • Transportation*

What is not included:

  • Professional guide
  • Coral restoration briefing
  • Scuba equipment rental (full set)
  • Weights / Weight Belt / Tank(s)
  • Maintenance tools
  • 1 open water dive (additional dive on request)
  • Max. 8 persons per guide

*Pick up and drop off can be arranged depending on group size

Price:   USD $65  (L 1.600)

Please fill out the registration form below (or contact us at [email protected]) to complete your reservation. We will answer your request as soon as possible.

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